CrossFit is all about building strength and overall endurance. It aims to develop the following physical aspects: cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. Movements are constantly varied, scalable, and performed at high intensity.CrossFit is a combination of several exercises and movements: Plyometric Exercises, Gymnastics/Calisthenics, Weightlifting and Cardiovascular Endurance Training — i.e. Running, rowing, and biking. We ensure that our program consistently adheres to CrossFit at its core!

Want to be a Professional Fitness Athlete? This is the program where CrossFit is practiced competitively and treated as a sport. AGCF Athlete’s Camp Members will follow a well-tested and proven regimen that can unleash their inner-athlete, and improve on their strengths and weaknesses. The Athlete’s Camp will be supervised by a Competitive Training Coach during Athlete’s Camp Hours. We will push your athletic capabilities so you can go for that podium finish!

If you’re a person who’s in to get functionally fit and lean, then Go Fit is certainly for you! The Go Fit program is the simplest of all the programs featuring exercises such as running, bodyweight movements, kettle bell drills, and other exercises that will make sure your whole body is always on the go All the movements in this program will not require you to use barbells or get involved with any complex drills or heavy lifting. Go Fit includes a variety of movements and exercises such as: Cross Training, Body-weight Exercises, Interval Training, Circuit Work and Cardiovascular Exercises.